Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Too Have Idols in the Heart

Most people are ready to engage you in a fight just to prove to the world that they are not idol worshippers yet they would discover after reading this post that they have been idolaters for many years of their lives.

Today, we have iconoclastic worship in our world-the worship of images.
In the ancient world, man loved to worship images represented as “idols” instead of the Almighty God (Genesis 31:19, 32). Even when men served, they still have these gods to worship.
Devil has used this strategy to deceive many from giving absolute allegiance to God, the Ultimate Source of power, provision and protection. Men still rely on other gods, means and powers for protection and wealth.

Moreover, within the Christian world is identified another set of idol worshippers-those who possess idols in the heart. These sort of worshippers may not have images anywhere around them which they bow to but have images erected in the heart which they worship.

This later form of idol worshipping is more dangerous because it is difficult to dictate even by the worshipper himself. The devil often blinds the spiritual eyes of the Christians who are involved in this act from seeing their condition. Thus, they argue, fight or swear that they are not guilty as charged.

What is an Idol?

Anything, person, activity, thought, action, that you dedicate more time, energy, money and attention to more than you do to God and His work and Word is an idol. In otherwords, this activity or person comes first in your life before God and His Word. It takes the priority position. You can forsake the things of God for it. You can renounce your faith in God instead of leaving it.

Many people today are slaves to wealth, money, fame, titles, cars, mansions, positions, and work. Others are slaves to their spouses, children and jobs. They are obsessed by these things that they ignore their relationship with their God-the Ultimate Source of life. Others are slaves to pleasure and passion. Everything that gives pleasure is pursued with utmost vigor and restlessness.

Does it mean that we don’t need all these things to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives? Are these material things bad or evil? I sit not God’s Will that we have them?
In the book of Matthew 6: 31-32, God declared his awareness of our material needs. So, what’s wrong if we go for them?
These material things are not the problem. The problem arises when we make them the reason why we live, the primary focus of our lives, or displace God and his righteousness in our hearts and when they take the No. 1 position in our hearts or become the main pursuit in life.

Effects of Having Idols in the Heart

There are losses a Christian sustains when he creates and maintains idols in the heart.

a. Idols in the heart fill us with Excuses

Most people give excuses why they couldn’t assembly with God’s family at one time or another. These excuses hinge on secular engagements to the detriment of God’s command. See Luke 14:16-27.

b. Idols in the Heart Draw us Away from God

Sadly, 90% of the worshippers of God are religious but not spiritual. They have turned the worship of God mechanical. They jump from one denomination to another for miracles, signs and wonders, healings and prosperity, securing marriage partners and children, good jobs and contracts. They worship God with their lips but their hearts are far from God. The essence of coming to meet with God’s people is to be visited with material things and once that is secured they bolt out.
They desire God’s divine intervention in the problems but not willing to establish a cordial and deep relationship with God.

c. Idols in the heart take away God’s Power and Authority in You

Interestingly, God has reserved much of his power for his children to enable them overcome the wiles of the devil and live a triumphant life on earth. However, there are strict conditions for the acquisition of such supernatural power and authority from God.
One of them is that one must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Christ daily. It is not a seasonal contract but perpetual as long as one lives.
Therefore, anyone who got no time for God got no time for his power.
The multitude that came to Jesus basically for food and miracles of healings never experienced God’s power over their personal lives. That’s why they had to come to Jesus often for a refill.

On the contrary, the apostles who spent time studying at the feet of Jesus were filled with the supernatural power to accomplish great things among men.
As long as you don’t create time for God, you will never discover the secret code to activate God’s power in your troubles and aspirations.

d. Idols in heart keep You in perpetual Bondage

One ancient but potent weapons of Satan against man has been keeping him too busy to look for God. Devil can’t stop the workings of God’s power in you or over your challenges but he can stop you from doing things that would guarantee the availability of the power of God. He does this by getting you so occupied with the worldly lifestyle or things of life that you almost forget to serve God. It is a Word addiction that guarantees supernatural manifestation. There is no confirmation of the Word of God without application.

Today, what many people know is their money, business, job, or family.
Ironically, most people are so addicted to material acquisitions that they neglect their families. They kids are left in the care of the nanny while they struggle to acquire as much wealth as possible.
Sadly, they miss the reality that seeking God is the foundation and guarantee for every form of success-marital, business, career, and spiritual.

Finally, to get away from this rut and discover success through God, begin a covenant time with your God today and seek to be in the assembly of the Saints-Hebrews 10:25.
Remember that you can’t be a spiritual star without being a practical hero.

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