Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You A Beggar

“To die loaded with divine potentials designed to complete some particular segments of God’s purpose on Earth without completing those assignments is the worst kind of treachery against humanity” P.K. Emeaba, Author, Don’t Die in Your Training Depot

Satan would move freely and cause havoc among men without challenge until he encounters the man on whose life is deposited the ultimate power and authority of the Almighty God. The power that breaks the bars of iron asunder, melts the chains of wickedness and disarms the devil and set those in captive free.

This is the person who operates on the realm of holiness where the power of the Lord is reserved for him to consume the bondage of sin, life problems and the yoke of satan on his life and that of others.

This is the man who bows his heart and character, consciously and permanently, to the lordship of Jesus, the Christ. He is the man who has yielded his pride and Will to the Potter to purge and mortify all desires and works of the flesh in his life and he lives for Christ and never to himself any more.

The man who is ready to be used by God in manifesting His power of deliverance, restoration and prosperity is him who has resolved not to be contaminated by sin and the pollution of the world.He does not stink from the odour of filthiness.

He is the man who has determined God’s perfect plan for his life and refused to divert from the focus of his existence or misplace his priorities for receiving God’s power. He is the man whose primary focus of attack in this battle of life is to destroy the works of satan and the flesh without compromise. He is the man who has been empowered by God, through a constant stay in His Presence, to attack any fiery dart and satanic schemes designed to cut short God’s purpose concerning his life.

He is the man who has mastered the strategy of hiding in the pavilion of the Almighty against the risk, danger, hazard and perils of the enemy. He is never perturbed by the threat of the enemy for the Lord has set his feet on the Rock and raised his head above all his enemies. Therefore, he is above all principalities and evil powers for he mounts up with wings like the eagle.

Unfortunately, no one can climb to this enviable divine height to enjoy these benefits when he is a spiritual beggar. A spiritual beggar is one because he does not know how to climb God’s ladder of power and authority and lacks the time to stay in God’s sanctuary and commune with Him who dwells in an unapproachable light.
A beggar is one who must depend on others for continued existence and sustenance. He expects every one to satisfy his needs but does not satisfy the need of anyone.

He is the one whose potentials for greatness are buried in him while he looks to others for survival. His handicap stands between him and his heroic status.
Most times, he cannot move himself physically. People determine the level and pace of his progress and success in life. He doesn’t get enough even when he begs alms from morning till night hours. An example is the beggar at the gate called beautiful into the temple of Jerusalem (Acts 3:1-9).
He does not mind who gives him money and how the money is gotten. All he needs is a means of survival even though he may have all it takes to be like every other person.

Just as there are men and women who are beggars in the physical world, so are many Christians who are beggars in the spiritual world. They depend on some “men of God” to satisfy their spiritual needs. These “men of God” determine their survival in the spiritual realm. They beg for spiritual things such as prayers, open doors, deliverance, success and breakthroughs because they lack God’s righteousness, power and authority in their lives and the knowledge to ask and receive. They do not know how to pray on their own. They feel like dying whenever the word “fasting” is mentioned. They feel uncomfortable to engage in spiritual things.

Most of us are too busy to develop a personal time to stay in God’s presence in our homes, offices and stalls.We prefer to depend on any power or spirit that promises “solution” to our problems to seek God ourselves. We often make sacrifices to demons to appease them to lose their grip on our lives instead of fighting them. We give ourselves to idolatry and surrender to images, shrines, idols, groves, occult powers, and mystic forces in our bid to get free from life troubles.

The beggar is never contented with begging no matter how much you give him. His excitement is short lived. It does not take him to the next day because he will come out again and again to beg. The same happens to Christians who cannot discipline themselves to set apart a SPECIFIC time everyday to stay in God’s presence to derive power and authority against the devil, sin and sorrows of this world.

They have free access to the Holiest of all to derive power, authority, riches, healing and all material possessions but they prefer to depend on others for their survival. What a disgrace of divine privilege!

Others who have gotten wealth through the devil rise today and are down tomorrow because they lack the power to withstand satan from snatching from them those material possessions he has given them. When they die, their wealth dies with them because the living can’t do what they did to maintain the wealth from the dark world.

We are afraid and evade coming before God because our ways of life are rotten. We live in all manner of wickedness, immorality, idolatry, malice, selfishness and lasciviousness.

Always know this, "Sin will either keep you away from God or kill you."

God Bless you as you live for Him and impact the world positively.

Baruch Okpulor, Author of The Irony of Love, Premarital and Extramarital Affairs

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