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The Wisdom in Accepting God’s Script for Your Life

“Don’t struggle to establish your own script, rather struggle to determine clearly what God’s Will is for you. This is the first step to your greatness and the secret of champions” Baruch Okpulor, Author of The Secret of Supernatural Power and Prosperity

God expects us to ask Him what He has for us before we make any decision concerning any aspect of our lives-education, marriage, business, career, etc.
This discovery saves us a lot of mistake, heart aches and frustrations in life. It helps us avoid destructive steps and things that look golden but gloomy for our lives. This is the secret of God’s most successful children in all ages.

Let us look at this case study.

Saul of Tarsus

Saul also called Paul was playing his own script when he was fighting and killing the Christians against God’s will. He was sincere in that pursuit and felt he was working for God by promoting the religion of Judaism but he was utterly wrong. As soon as he discovered God’s rightful plan for his life, he surrendered absolutely to God without hesitation (Acts 9: 3-6)
Paul’s concern was to understand properly that it was God who had the script he was asked to play. God reminded him that it is hard to kick against the goads. You can’t strive with God and live, for He is a Consuming Fire
(Isaiah 45:9).

His frustrations were removed as soon as he gave in to God. He asked God to show him his new script when he said, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” This is the question we must ask concerning every stage and season of our lives. Lord, what do you want me to do concerning this marriage proposal, job offer, proposed business venture, health condition, career plans, choice of life partner, programme of study, etc?
Most Christians are so scared to ask God for His Will for them because they are either not ready to accept God’s Will or have made up their minds even before they go to God for approval.

When you insist to study that course, pursue that job, execute that business plan, marry that man or woman, engage in that behaviour, and fight that cause without asking God first, you risk betrayal, disappointment and failure.
Paul gave up his legal profession, social status, former religious inclinations and goodwill among the Jews, his rapport with the Government of his time and religious bodies to play God’s script through a religion, in his time, that was unknown, most controversial and life threatening. He did not abandon God’s script when the Lord told him that he would suffer pains and humiliations for His sake (Acts 9:15-16)
He accepted God’s script even when he suffered the most brutal treatment- physical, spiritual and emotional, in the hands of the Roman Government.

He chose to become an enemy of those who opposed his new script including the Sadducees, Roman Government, Jews, heathens and false religious groups and brethren than to avoid God’s script. He became a target for destruction and received daily dangerous threats to his existence.

Saul otherwise called Paul, received 195 strokes of the cane from his own brothers, the Jews, for accepting God’s script for his life. He was beaten with rods, spent a day and night in the bottom of the sea, faced dangers from robbers, seas, his own people, the Gentiles, in the city, and desert.

Paul’s second home was the prison and death lurked around him all the time, yet he didn’t die until his appointed time (1 Corinthians 11:23-27).
Although he gave in to God, his journey of life was filled with hatred, conspiracy, false accusations, and dangers. When you accept God’s script for your life, the world may turn against you. Your household and best friends may become your worst enemies. Moses, Paul, Joseph, and Jesus Christ were examples.

Your family may oppose your decision especially if they see more benefit from your former calling than your new calling. Satan may possess people to confuse you, trap or distract you from God’s line for your life. The devil used Peter to stop Christ from fulfilling God’s script for Him which is death for mankind to establish redemption.

Now consider prayerfully and sincerely these questions of life. Have you discovered God’s perfect will for your life? What profession [business, career, job, work] has God designed for you? What type of course has God designed for you to study in school? What is it that God expects you to achieve on earth? What type of wife, children and family does God approve of you? What type of car, house or quantum of material possessions has God set out for you? What status has God preserved for you in life? What degree of popularity and fame has God made available for you? What do you consider as obstacles to playing God’s script for your life? Why are you undecided about God’s revelations for your life? What are your answers?

God bless you as you discover your Purpose in Life.

Baruch Okpulor, Author of Stop Existing and Start Living.

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