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Free Sample of Book Review on When Trusting God Makes No Sense

Book: When Trusting God Makes No Sense
Author: Baruch Silas
Publishers: Lulu Enterprises, I-Proclaim Press
Pages: 296
Reviewer: S.O.Okpulor

Baruch’s book, WHEN TRUSTING GOD MAKES NO SENSE is all about what happens in the supernatural realm as regards God’s reaction and activities during times of crisis, hopelessness and helplessness; how to acquire supernatural power to deal with such fiery attacks and how to handle situations we can’t control, thereby becoming a commander of circumstances.

As I read through the book, I see clearly the mystery in trusting and surrendering to God absolutely in times of pain, persecutions, losses, sorrow and protracted setbacks and stagnation, even when it makes no sense to do so.
He discussed how surrendering to God becomes the catalyst that draws God’s power into man and against his troubles.

The writer makes a bold disclosure as he discusses what transpires between God and man when He appears millions of miles away in times of trouble. He stated what God does in such situations.
He succinctly supported this view with verifiable real life stories of individuals, families, communities and nations who are evidences of God’s mysterious ways of resolving hopeless and helpless situations of life.
Expounding this further in the chapter, What You Feel When God Appears Missing, one fully agrees with him that at the peak of such crisis period, the victim becomes confused and frustrated; feel chastened and forsaken and abandoned to die.
Above all, he is tempted and pushed so hard to seek solutions to his problems outside the bounds of God.
He enhanced this reality with the stories on the end of those who deviated from God during seeming helpless and protracted bad situations of life.
He opines that what happens to you is of less consequence to the way you react and handle it. It is not actually the beginning of a challenge that matters but the end. This is what makes you an overcomer.

Baruch went ahead to warn in the chapter, Why We Suffer Pain and Sorrow in life about the types of actions, thoughts and behaviour that automatically enslave man with pain and sorrow beginning with the individual to the family and society.
He revealed the reasons why God permits the innocent and righteous to be persecuted and why there are so much pain, conspiracy, and sorrow in our world and what to do to mitigate it beginning from the individual.

He disagrees with the long held belief that once one becomes a child of God and begins to obey the Word of God that all his problems will disappear. Becoming a committed Christian is an assurance of a tough time and protracted battle with the devil, dark forces and enticements of sin.
He also does not agree that the troubles that come upon man are wholly because of his sin. He declares that sometimes, trials and sufferings are God’s workmen to remove the impurities and roughness in ones life. He illustrated all these assertions with several case studies on different individuals, families and nations.

Any reader will not help but notice the conviction and momentum of the writer as he outlines and discusses in details, the practical steps to take when it makes no sense trusting God anymore.
If one applies these unbreakable principles, he is bound to become a champion, master and commander of every circumstance and situation of life no matter how deadly and complicated it may seem.
He paints vividly who and what makes a supernatural hero by introducing the principle of abnormality. This simple means operating beyond the ordinary.

Baruch professionally revealed and discussed the supernatural pathways for the acquisition of spiritual power and authority by anyone to command and bring under subjection any stubborn and protracted condition of life.

The writer went ahead to state emphatically that one is expected to stick to God when he passes through the furnace of afflictions of diverse magnitude and duration. He exposed why one must not give in to Satan, denounce God or renounce his faith at such times.
Not everyone might agree with this axiom as many may not be rigid enough to withstand the merciless and fiery darts of the devil for long.

However, my anxiety was doused when I took a walk on the writer’s revelations in the chapter, The Pleasures of Pain and Sorrow, where he demonstrated with real life evidences the indestructible reasons, sustainable benefits and great rewards in withstanding pain and overcoming any challenge of life.

While Baruch has made a great piece in this work, it is up to the readers to ascertain if there are situations when trusting God makes no sense.

Back cover for When Trusting God Makes No sense

What is God doing when He keeps silent over our agitation for help?
Why does He seem to keep quite and keep us waiting at those times we need Him to speak to us immediately? Does it imply that He is not touched by our pains and humiliations at such times? Are there times when He gets bored by our persistent disturbance and pestering? Does it mean that there are some problems He can’t handle at certain times? What actually is God up to during these times?

This book discusses extensively the setbacks of life, why they come to you, what they are meant to accomplish in your life, what you are expected to do to overcome all of them and become what you are fashioned to be.
It is a revelation of what happens in the supernatural realm when we are troubled in this terrestrial ball. It answers the recurring questions of “why do we suffer pain, troubles and sorrow; why do bad things happen to God’s people; what happens when God seems million miles away; how are we expected to react when God appears missing; what do we do with circumstances we can’t change; what is the power of praises, prayer and fasting over troubles and persecutions; Is there any pleasure in pain and sorrow; how do we surrender absolutely to God; why do we give up on God too soon; what are the evidences of trusting God and how do we understand and defeat any reproach in our life.
This book is a guide for you to be re-instated to your glory and manifest the purpose of your creation.


No Book has affected my life and given me inspiration and help to control my emotions and upgrade my faith in God during any crisis than this piece. If you desire to be in control of your life, read this book-Dr C.O. Uchegbu

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