Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Discover the Meaning of Life

By Baruch Okpulor

Discovering the meaning of life has been an issue to man for thousands of years. Scientists, philosophers, astrologers, astronomers, archaeologists, astronauts, struggle to find the essence of existence.
Some have offered their best guesses and some others admitted they have no definite clues.

a. The Meaning of Life is found in God

Interestingly, the puzzle on the meaning and purpose of life is solved by revelation. God created life and has all the answers to it. The best and easiest way to discover answers to an invention is to turn to the inventor and his manual.
God is the inventor of life while the Word of God is the manual. In the book, The Secret of Supernatural Power, Deliverance and Prosperity, Silas revealed new divine program to get revelation and hear from God about ones life, meaning and purpose of creation and how to attract the supernatural power and wisdom to solve life challenges. This is what is called the Covenant time.

b. Develop a Relationship with God

You don’t need the manual of a product if you don’t have the product. You would not be motivated to know about the Word of God if you have nothing to do with God. You discover your identity and purpose in life through a relationship with God because His purpose for your life predates your conception. You may choose your career, spouse, hobbies, friends, and other things but not your purpose of life. Initiate a relationship with God today to live a meaningful life.

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