Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Attract Riches into Your Life in 4 Steps

by Baruch Okpulor

Money answers all things says a biblical quotation. Money rules the world in relationship, career, family, investment ventures, luxury, in church funding, etc
Without money, the world would be an odd place to live in. Everyone understands the language of money, wealth, affluence and riches-the young and old, man and woman, and boy and girl.

But very few know how to command money into their lives and this mistake has made many live the life of mediocrity and poverty.

Some of the strategies to attract wealth into your life include:

a. Change Your Limiting Belief about Riches

As a man thinketh, so is he, is a reality in this case. Your belief about money and wealth determines how much money you attract into your life.
In the book, Stop Existing! Start Living, some of these destructive beliefs about money and wealth include:

Money is the root of all evil
The rich will not go to heaven
Desiring to be rich is sinful
I cannot be wealthy because my family is poor
You must do evil to be rich
I can’t be rich because I’m uneducated
Wealth is meant for a certain people

You must begin to believe that you are capable of being wealthy and enjoy the best of this world.

b. Dream Big Dreams

You are as wealthy as your dreams. Most people prefer mediocrity to affluence. They are contented with smallness and the leftovers of life because they are afraid to dream big.

c. Figure Out What You Are Good At

The most successful and happy people on earth are people who are passionate about what they do. They become exceptionally good at such activities and vocation because they are happy and enjoy engaging in them. They see the vocation as hobby and not work.
Ask yourself, “what vocation, subjects, activities, do I enjoy most?” and engage in them today.

d. Set some Goals

It is not enough to dream, you must strive to achieve your dreams. Put action into your dream. Clarify what you actually want to achieve. Discipline yourself to focus on it until you achieve it. The book on Stop Existing! Start Living! is an ideal piece if your are keen at learning the approaches to adopt to discover yourself and be focused on your goals.

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